Upcoming Events

Welcome to IGNITE!

While the middle school years can be tough and sometimes an overwhelming transition in life, the Middle School Ministry at Saint Matthew offers a place that is welcoming, encouraging and fun. All of our activities are designed for students to have fun, laugh, and fellowship with each other, play games, and so much more. Through our weekly gatherings, special events, and activities, students can connect with friends, be involved in memorable games and activities, and dive into the Bible and learn how Christ can help us in our daily life, and how we can develop a spiritual maturity in Him.

IGNITE Wednesday evenings // 7:00-8:30 pm

September-May // Teen Center
Because Middle Schoolers need for fellowship and relationships with other Christians, we meet midweek for fellowship, crazy games, a devotion, small group time, prayer, and a whole lot of fun! It’s a party in the middle of your week.

Sundays – Here We Stand // 9:00-10:15 am

September-May // Teen Center
Join us for a journey where we look at the Bible and faith a little more deeply. We will be working through keys stories that Bible presents in the Old and New Testament and begin to understand what we believe and why.

Sundays – Here We Stand- meets during the 9:00a.m. worship service. It’s designed to be inviting, friendly, fun, and challenging as we dive deeper into the bible and faith.